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Discover how I personally invest in real estate with minimal hassle and maximum freedom so you can do it too... Without tenants, maintenance and repairs!

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If you’re interested in buying and selling homes within the Hampton Roads area then you need to attend this free seminar I am holding this January and February!
I am a LOCAL investor and I'm personally leading these seminars. 

What I'll share with you will completely change the way you look at the world of real estate.

I'll show you what works in our LOCAL area taken from my personal experience closing over 700 deals in the Hampton Roads area! 

This isn't some FLUFF or traveling real estate show like you may have seen come into town... this is all real, backed by deals done in our local area -- and I'll show you what works right now in Hampton Roads!
During this FREE live real estate training seminar you will learn...
  • Why you don’t need experience to make it in real estate.

    In fact, the very tactic I use the most is the same one I recommend to beginners who have no credit or money.
  • How to eliminate the hassles of having tenants. 

    Using this strategy, you will never have to take maintenance calls or do costly repairs.

    Doing rentals the “normal way” will seem downright stupid after you understand this new and better model. 
  • The best marketing strategies for finding undervalued properties.

    The vast majority of real estate investors are lazy!

    Putting just a little effort into your marketing will give you an incredible advantage...

    but you won’t have to experiment on your own…

    I’ll show you what I do to get desperate sellers to come to me. This is how you get the lowest price possible. 
  • My #1 recommendation for beginners 

    Even today, 60% of my deals are done using this technique. Why? 

    Because it’s just downright faster and easier. I’m also not risking my credit when I do it like this. 
  • How to build a network of fast moving buyers.

    One of the golden rules of real estate is this: The faster you close a deal, the more profit you make.

    Being able to send your deal to a group of investors who take action fast can take weeks off your closing time. 

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    7 Seminars Hampton Roads Area
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    Individual results may vary. Success depends on the effort, background, education, and experience of the participant. 

    Wed Jan 29 at 12:30pm or 6:30pm
    1590 North Military Highway
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Sat February 1 at 10:00am
    6350 Newtown Road
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Wed February 5 at 12:30pm or 6:30pm
    1590 North Military Highway
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Sat February 8 at 10:00am
    1590 North Military Highway
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    Sat February 15 at 10:00am
    Newport News Airport
    530 St Johns Road
    Newport News, VA 23602
    Who is Scott Jelinek?
    Between 1994 and 2007 Scott accumulated a portfolio of eighty-four properties and nearly $1 million in cash. He was close to hitting his goal of owning 100 properties and then retiring to live a life of true freedom.

    That’s when the real estate crash happened.

    His income streams evaporated overnight and he lost millions in equity. Fifty of his eight-four properties were lost to foreclosure. Even worse, because of the recession, many of his tenants were perpetually on the knife’s edge of missing their payments. 

    But Scott is not the type to just give up.

    Fast-forward to today, he owns seventy-four properties right here in the Hampton Roads Area. That number isn’t the eighty-four it used to be but don’t let that fool you. His business is actually far more robust than it was before the crash. Risks are low (he won’t be losing everything overnight because of brain-dead central bankers or corrupt politicians) and cash flow is outstanding (he can spend more stress-free time with his wife, Lisa, and son, Vince).

    That’s why he is holding this free seminar. He wants to share what he has learned and help other investors avoid his mistakes and copy his successes.

    As he puts it: “I feel better when one of my students get a $10,000 check than I do when I get a $50,000 one.”

    I’ll show you how I find and close deals like these in the Hampton Roads area, with no renovations and no rehab - just straight profit! 
    (Local deals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk and Newport News)… 
    Quick Flip in Virginia Beach, No Renovations, No Rehab - just profit!
    Scott will show you how to get properties in the Hampton Roads area under contract and how to flip them for easy profits...
    $15,000, cash in pocket for this Quick Flip in Portsmouth - skip the contractors and go straight to the bank!
    $20,000 - no hammers, no painting!
    Learn how to grab these deals below market value and sell them at retail price at this exclusive seminar!
    It's not theory, these are real deals that we are doing right here in the Hampton Roads area!
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    7 Seminars in the Hampton Roads Area
    4445 Corporation Lane, Suite #174
    Virginia Beach VA, 23462
    Phone: (757) 324-5622

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